About TutorClik

TutorClik’s vision is to help students when no one else can.

Finding a tutor is hard, and finding a right tutor is even harder. Local agencies only offer a limited selection and websites like Kijiji leave you on your own to comb through hundreds of listings.

TutorClik’s platform connects students who want to get 1-1 help by finding the right tutor for their course and tutors who want a hassle free way to get paid. We want to make education more convenient, accessible and affordable for students, while providing countless work opportunities for individuals who like to teach and share their knowledge.

Our story: TutorClik was founded by Andy Fang and Nick Brons in March 2017. From the founder’s experiences, finding extra help after you’ve exhausted the university’s resources is hard, and the access of finding tutors is not easy. Due to frustration, Andy and Nick developed a solution to solve their own problem and to benefit other students, TutorClik was born.